Continuous Dryer Mk III
  • Completely redesigned to produce high-quality extruded products efficiently and at the lowest operational cost
  • Delivers energy savings of at least 20%
  • Wet product from the extruder is continuously added to the top of the product beds as dried product at the bottom of the product bed is discharged
  • Sophisticated automatic control system for drying the individual recipe
  • Dries extruded products with great uniformity
  • Drying is homogeneous, resulting in a guaranteed moisture uniformity of +/- 0.5%
  • Non-saturated air is recycled, only fully saturated air is exhausted
  • Control system now automatically keeps the product bed at the right height for each product
  • Ability to control the residence time during production process start-up and shut-down
  • A more accessible discharge system
  • Interior features easily cleanable walls and smooth curves in areas where dirt and product residue can accumulate
  • Energy-efficient drying from 1 to 10 tonnes/hour.
  • Designed in a way that minimizes the number of moving parts
  • The stainless steel bodies are double-walled, with fireproof insulation material in between the walls
  • 10-year service contract
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