Grain dryers1
  • Brock Grain Systems produces continuous flow and batch dryers for both commercial and farm use under the brand names of MEYER ENERGY MISER® and BROCK®: Capacities range up to 10,000 bushels (250 metric tons) per hour
  • Both tower dryers feature Brock’s patented circular drag unloading system that evenly meters and gently delivers the grain to a discharge point at the perimeter of the dryer
  • With Brock’s patented “full heat moving target” process, users simply utilize the Brock QUANTUM® Controller to select the desired in-bin grain moisture and the dryer controller does the rest with accuracy and energy efficiency
  • For lower volume drying needs, Brock’s SUPERB® SQ Series low profile dryer models offer a capacity range from 250 to 1,900 bushels (6 to 48 metric tons) per hour
  • Featured on the SQ Series Dryers is Brock’s unique EVENFLO® Grain Unloading System that provides efficient, gentle handling of the grain using a slow-moving dragstyle conveyor
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