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House Ag Committee Examines Livestock, Dairy Issues

As part of committee’s hearings to set the stage for next farm bill.

Today's consumers have questions about their food--where it comes from, who's producing it and how it's produced. To assist our members in answering these questions, the American Feed Industry Association is hosting a series of three webinars to help members become more comfortable talking with consumers.

These webinars are funded by the Institute for Feed Education & Research. The Center for Food Integrity experts will lead the webinars specifically designed for the animal food industry. These webinars are available at no cost to AFIA members.

Webinar #1 * May 18 * What Consumers Want
Consumers are asking more questions about food and agriculture. Are you listening? In this webinar, we will take a look at the latest CFI research to uncover what information consumers are seeking, specifically about GMOs, antibiotic use and animal well-being.

Webinar #2 * May 25 * Communication with Shared Values
In our first webinar, we reviewed consumer insights about food and agriculture. Now that we know what they want, we'll discuss how to connect with them. CFI research shows that shared values are three to five times more likely to earn trust than demonstrating competence through science or economics. It is the key to opening the door to more meaningful, trust-building conversations.

Webinar #3 * June 1 * Engage in Three Steps
CFI Research shows 80 percent of consumers want more information about how food is produced and who's producing it. How do you address this craving for knowledge? We'll show you how with three simple steps and provide you with the tools to address consumer questions impacting your business.

All webinars will be held at 2 p.m. EDT and last 90 minutes. The webinars will be stored online for one year, so even if you are unable to attend, register to receive a link to each one. Be sure to register for all three webinars, as they will build upon each other. To register, please click here.

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