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Aug 02, 2021

Understanding the Relationship Between Gut Health, Animal Welfare

Biorigin calls on producers to care for the gut health of their animals

source: Biorigin

Alanna Collen, writer, and Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, explains, in her book “10% human — how microorganisms are the key to body and mental health”, that people have only 10% of human DNA, while the remaining 90% consists of microbial DNA.

Therefore, the gut is considered the 2nd brain in humans. That brain has half a billion neurons and more than 30 neurotransmitters that allow the gut to function on its own, independently of brain commands.

According to scientific literature, gut neurons are responsible for producing 90% of serotonin, the well-being molecule. It has been proven gut malfunction may trigger intestinal and emotional disorders, impacting people’s mood and concentration, making them irritable. Therefore, caring for gut health, for the intestinal microbiota to balance beneficial and undesirable bacteria, is also essential for maintaining adequate immune functions.

The same applies to your animals. The gut plays an essential role in animal health development and protection. Biorigin is a Brazilian multinational biotechnology company that has developed and produced natural solutions for animal health and welfare for more than 15 years.

The company has recently launched HyperGen, Biorigin’s 2nd Generation Prebiotic, produced from the primary fermentation process of the yeast S. cerevisiae.

“HyperGen helps the maintenance of intestinal functions, promoting better nutrient digestion and absorption. In addition, it plays an active role in intestinal defenses," explains Eliana Dantas, Biorigin’s Poultry and Swine technical manager.

“The product supplies highly-soluble mannans and partially exposed beta-glucans, resulting in a potent prebiotic effect, and promotes the local natural gut defenses."

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To promote HyperGen, the company launched the campaign “Better Gut, Better Mood.”

Merylin Miguel, communication expert at Biorigin and responsible for developing the campaign, explains that just as human beings need to eat well to maintain their body functions and health, producers should also pay special attention to the gut health of their animals.

“An animal with a healthy gut has better welfare. It eats better and converts better, generating more profitability and productivity for producers, which definitely makes producers happier too.”

For further information on the results obtained with HyperGen, visit the campaign page.

On Biorigin
Biorigin is a Brazilian company established in 2003 that uses knowledge and technology to develop innovative solutions in natural ingredients for animal health and welfare.

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