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Insta-Pro Launches New Products at IPPE 2020

Company refreshes its strategy and mission

9000 Transparent 2019

Insta-Pro Int’l, a world leader in extrusion technology for food and feed processing, introduced two novel extruders and a soy testing kit at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta on Jan. 29.

The Model 9000 High Shear Dry Extruder and the 2000 CG Extruder both feature premium long-lasting components built to withstand harsh conditions, save on operating costs and produce predictable results.

Specially designed to process soybeans, the Model 9000 Extruder can process up to 100 tons/day with less floor space than previous models. Soymeal from the extruder is also easier for poultry to digest due to the unique way the bean cell wall is ruptured. The result is that poultry producers can use fewer feed ingredients because the soymeal retains more oil vs. other processing methods.

The 2000 CG Extruder was introduced for customers seeking the same benefits of the Model 9000, but for cereal grains like corn and wheat. The extruder can produce a unique value-added extruded corn product with excellent nutritional value, resulting in a positive cashflow and a quick payback.

Soy Test Kit

Insta-Pro finished up the event by demonstrating their new soy test kit, designed as a cost-effective risk tool to ensure quality control in the production of extruded soy. End-users simply fill a petri dish with extruded soybeans and apply a liquid solution to the dish. Within minutes, properly processed soybeans will remain a golden yellow hue while improperly processed soybeans will turn red in the dish. The test isn’t meant to replace laboratory testing for moisture or toxins, but rather to provide a quick visual reference for mill employees to ensure they’re running the equipment and processes optimally.

The new equipment and test kit reinforce the company’s refreshed vision and mission statement, revealed at Wednesday’s product launch event. Their vision is that all the world’s communities benefit from superior nutrition via sustainable agri-processing businesses.

Insta-Pro Int’l is exhibiting at IPPE at booth A2125.

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