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December 10, 2018 | AgPro

Prices Could Rise as Sorghum Acres Hold Steady

Wheat acres are down from late-season rain; sorghum acres will be up

Sorghum sits quiet in the background while trade negotiations with China continue. Prices and overall acres are projected to hold relatively steady, despite tariffs and additional challenges, reports AgPro.

It’s been a wet fall in many sorghum-producing states, which replenishes deep soil moisture and prevents farmers from planting wheat. Both factors could encourage sorghum acres in some states, such as Kansas.

“Wheat acres are down from late-season rain therefore sorghum acres will be up,” Pat Damman, field director with Kansas Grain Sorghum, told AgPro.

Some farmers in the western part of the state might take soybeans out of their rotation and 2018’s sorghum yields were exceptional — both factors that could encourage an increase in grain sorghum acres in Kansas, he adds.

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