Mycotoxin Management for Harvest

September 29th, 2021 (archive)

Join us for a panel discussion focused on managing mycotoxins, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) prep, 2021 harvest conditions, and how to prepare for what’s to come.

Featured speakers include Melinda Miller, Safety & Quality Manager for SEMO Milling, Nancy Zabe Collette, Technical Services and Applications Manager, and Patricia Jackson, Marketing Development Manager, both of VICAM.


1. Steps to take to prepare for the harvest season

2. Learn the types of toxins that are prevalent this harvest season

3. Explore how the drought is impacting conditions

4. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) prep

5. How to make sure your technical equipment is calibrated properly, and you have the correct tools to tackle harvest


This webinar is sponsored by VICAM and presented by Feed & Grain LIVE, Feed Strategy and WATT Global Media.

Sponsored by VICAM

Sponsored by VICAM

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Start Clean, Stay Clean, Protect Your Bottom Line

May 26th, 2021 (archive)

The Important Role of IPM in Stored Grain

Bayer Technical Service Lead Joe Barile discusses his recommended approach to organizing your integrated pest management strategy and protecting your stored grains. Takeaways will help you safeguard your bottom line and mitigate threats to your operations.

Staying Ahead of the High Oleic Soybean Curve

March 17th, 2021 (archive)

Increased demand for High Oleic soybean oil means elevators and grain merchandisers must stay ahead of the growth curve to manage IP handling, storage, and marketing strategies for their customers.

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Tackle Tough Business Challenges with Digital Tools

October 8th, 2020 (archive)

Every year it seems there is a challenge that the ag industry overcomes. No lie, it can feel frustrating and nerve-wracking when too many factors change nearly everything all at once.

To build up resilience, successful companies pivot their operations to ensure that business processes still function and practice good stewardship of their bottom line.

During this free webinar, our experts covered what ag businesses can prioritize to adapt to these challenges while planning for the future and protect their revenue streams.

For more information on Bushel and its products visit bushelpowered.com

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Marketwatch: Mar, 24

US Corn Price Idx: ZCPAUS.CM

open: 6.4284
high: 6.4759
low: 6.3085
close: 6.3554

US Soybean Price Idx: ZSPAUS.CM

open: 14.1193
high: 14.1468
low: 13.7978
close: 13.8626

US Hard Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: KEPAUS.CM

open: 7.8306
high: 7.9406
low: 7.7681
close: 7.8228

US Soft Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: ZWPAUS.CM

open: 6.1843
high: 6.2168
low: 6.0443
close: 6.0918