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  • Stores formulas/recipes for feed, betfood, premixes, meals, oils, ethanol, flours
  • Multi-level formulation is supporeted: a formula can be an ingredient of another formula, making entry and maintenance simpler
  • Formulas are costed on demand, from inventory and standard costs; further processed products, by-products, scrap, packaging and manufacturing costs are covered
  • Batch tickets based on a selected mixer can be printed, showing ingredients, quantities and bulk cumulative scale weight, if required. Enter production, and inventory is automatically costed, updated


OpenLink Agribusiness Solutions Group

OpenLink Agribusiness Solutions Group is the leading provider of advanced enterprise software for the Agricultural and Biofuels industries.

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Marketwatch: Feb, 02

US Corn Price Idx: ZCPAUS.CM

open: 6.7664
high: 6.8743
low: 6.7573
close: 6.8413

US Soybean Price Idx: ZSPAUS.CM

open: 14.9441
high: 15.0442
low: 14.7176
close: 14.8052

US Hard Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: KEPAUS.CM

open: 8.4564
high: 8.4564
low: 8.3238
close: 8.4491

US Soft Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: ZWPAUS.CM

open: 6.6562
high: 7.6542
low: 6.6512
close: 6.9832