Apr 12, 2020

FeedTyme Offers Feed Sales, Buying Platform at No Cost

Will allow users to safely and remotely manage feed supply chain

source: FeedTyme

Covid-19 has become a bigger issue impacting vital agricultural supply chains both globally and in the United States.

At this time it may be hard to predict the full business consequences or future measures that may be taken nationally or regionally to stop Covid-19.

As we have seen so far, these preventive measures have included quarantines and or the need for employees to maintain social distancing. These measures may impact those in the animal nutrition industry such as feed mills who sell feed or dairies who buy feed.

Agricultural businesses like dairy producers and feed mills in the animal feed industry may find over the next one to two years Covid-19 related issues may temporarily ebb but return at a later time. The FeedTyme platform will be a way for dairy producers and their feed mills or feed sellers to safely, economically and better manage feed sales remotely given Covid-19 risks.

FeedTyme is an easy to use, cost effective secure cloud based sales platform that allows feed mills and their feed buying customers to quickly connect in managing feed sales and ordering. Innovative #agtech platforms like FeedTyme will be the future that enables the ag-sector to operate efficiently using data while interconnecting the supply chain.

Feed mills & feed sellers can securely and quickly provide feed pricing and manage feed orders directly with customers like dairies. This can be done remotely and using mobile devices which lets dairies make feed buying decisions on the go. FeedTyme is a neutral platform that lets feed sellers quickly update prices, watch sales demand in real time, predict sales with analytics, manage sales orders, e-invoice, integrate data and more.

Feed buying customers like dairies can buy feed, make feed contracts, set price alerts, obtain and manage feed price quotes, analyze feed price history, track en-route trucks and receive e-invoicing into QuickBooks. FeedTyme can also connect with other on-farm software to share data or interconnect within a supply chain to provide data to milk processors.

"We will do our part to help dairy producers and the feed industry keep running while navigating Covid-19," says Tyler Morgan, founder. "We will help in any way possible and with no questions asked." If cost is an issue for your business team, feed mills and dairies can use FeedTyme for free.

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