Mar 19, 2015

Applying Exceptional Customer Service to Feed and Grain Businesses

Some folks may argue that superior customer service might be more important for retail stores, rather than a business like a grain elevator or feed mill. But it can make a difference in the competitive feed and grain industry — for the very reason that it is competitive. You do have competitors, and attracting and keeping more business is a desirable strategy.

Mar 10, 2015

A New Benchmark for Grain Elevators

Though known for its inclement weather and dairy production, according to the USDA’s Crop Production Summary for 2013, Wisconsin was ninth in corn production and 15th in soybean production, despite having a wet harvest season. Looking at what the members of Landmark Services Cooperative needed now, and looking forward to what they will need in the future, the co-op built a new grain facility in Fall River, WI, to give them plenty of speed, space and markets — everything a farmer needs to grow.

Mar 9, 2015

2014: Deadliest Year for Grain Bin Entrapments and Deaths?

Although most happened on-farm, 18 fatalities were reported last year

Mar 5, 2015

Get ’Em Talking!

Take a role in preventing grain bin entrapment.

Mar 5, 2015

Speak Up: Tips for Achieving Your Goals with Any Audience, Any Time

Whether preparing to speak to an audience of five or 500, to employees or to the local zoning board, these tips can help you quickly prepare, and confidently deliver, a focused presentation sure to succeed

Mar 5, 2015

New Interim Guidance Regarding Patent Subject Matter Eligibility

Patentable subject matter has increasingly become a contentious topic in the USPTO as well as all levels of courts, including the Supreme Court of United States. All industries relying on patent protection to further their commercial interests ...

Mar 5, 2015

Key Factors In Grain Bin Selection

Consider the location, natural elements and available safety features before making a purchase

Mar 5, 2015

Navigating Risky Waters

How the global marketplace, biotech issues and trade regulations may impact your merchandising plans.

Mar 5, 2015

The Future is Here

Precision agriculture is changing the face of the industry

Mar 5, 2015

BNSF Invests Billions to Better Service Grain Shippers

Added capacity and new rail cars should resolve service problems that plagued the grain industry in 2014

Photo By Steve Crise, BNSF Railway

Feb 24, 2015

Custom App Boosts Feed Supplement Business

IT Innovation Award Winner CowBos develops a custom app and sees more accurate recommendations, faster billing and doubles sales.

Feb 22, 2015

Don’t Let Workers’ Comp Stunt Bottom-line Growth

How pre-employment screening, transitional duty planning saves on insurance premiums

Feb 18, 2015

Agriculture and Technology: Is Privacy Really an Issue?

As populations have grown and spread throughout the world, so has the demand for better food production and distribution, faster communication methods, and easier access to and analysis of information. In just a few short years, technology has substantially changed the face of both agriculture and privacy.

Feb 10, 2015

Agriculture Takes on the Challenge to Feed the Multitudes

A few decades ago ‘sustainability’ was considered a foreign word in ag circles — now agriculture is seen as a leader in the movement

Feb 10, 2015

Pathogen Control Key to Feed Mill Design

Innovative technology and processes take Cobb-Vantress, Inc.’s Albany, KY, poultry feed mill to the highest level of feed safety and protection

Feb 10, 2015

New Year Agenda

Still reeling from a slow and hefty harvest, the industry turns to addressing regulatory challenges, growing trade barriers

Feb 10, 2015

Rising to the Challenge

A response to concerns over animal production sustainability

Feb 10, 2015

The December “Reveal”

Hits and misses from harvest 2014’s early predictions

Feb 6, 2015

China’s Demand for Imported Grains Remains High

This week’s U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC’s) Chart of Note illustrates the stunning record of more than 18 million metric tons of total coarse grains and co-products imported by China from October 2013 to September 2014.

This week’s Chart of Note illustrates the stunning record of more than 18 million metric tons of total coarse grains and co-products imported by China from October 2013 to September 2014. Image by the U.S. Grains Council

Jan 23, 2015

Automated Vs. Manual Bagging: Weighing the Options

The decision to automate is not cut-and-dried, but hinges on many factors

Photo courtesy of Mondi in North America.

Jan 22, 2015

Superior Manufacturing Upgrades Grain Bin Unloading System

Increases ease of use and efficiency

Jan 16, 2015

Custom App Boosts Feed Supplement Business

IT Innovation Award Winner CowBos develops a custom app and sees more accurate recommendations, faster billing and doubles sales.

Jan 14, 2015

USGC Corn Harvest Quality Report Highlights High-Quality, Record Crop

Most samples would grade No. 1 based on the four grading factors

Dec 17, 2014

End of Shuttle Loading Boom in Sight?

Shuttle loader capacity nears saturation in the West, while China’s growth plays a role in future demand.

Nov 24, 2014

Beyond OSHA Combustible Dust Compliance

Feed mill employs portable combustible dust central vacuum to remove fugitive grain dust and eliminates the need to enter confined spaces for cleaning.

Star Milling uses a VAC-U-MAX breakaway central vacuum system, that meets OSHA's requirements for a combustible dust vacuum, to keep its facility clean and compliant. Photo by Air Cleaning Technology

Nov 18, 2014

Temporary Storage: Permanent Solution

For grain elevators, temporary storage may be the answer to unpredictable harvests.

Walls help determine total bushel capacity, aeration and other features.

Nov 11, 2014

Feed Industry Invests in Education

The Northern Crops Institute renovates its feed mill on North Dakota State University’s Fargo campus with state-of-the-art equipment donated by feed industry suppliers.

The Northern Crops Institute, located on the campus of North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND, has educated visitors from more than 130 countries.

Oct 23, 2014

Next Generation Learns Real-world Automation

Universities implement automated control systems to enhance the teaching experience.

Kansas State University's O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center utilizes I-Control to automate feed milling operations.

Oct 21, 2014

Crop Storage Issues May Be Less Severe Than Anticipated

Weather related harvest delays to date and a rapid rate of consumption mean that overall storage issues may be less severe than feared this year

Oct 16, 2014

FDA Slowly Proposes FSMA Rules

AFIA stands ready to review and provide industry comment.

Richard Sellers, senior vice president of legislative and regulatory affairs.

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Recently Added to Buyer's Guide

Manufactured Canoe Liner

  • Durable urethane molded around rugged steel plate to absorb impact and abrasion
  • Protective plate integrated directly into urethane liner

Utility Monitor

  • Plant-wide utility consumption analysis helps identify anomalies
  • Gain real-time analytics and monitoring


  • First-of-its-kind quantitative LFD
  • Rapid and reliable solution for detecting predominant allergen, safety and grain process ability concerns


  • Enables commercial grain facilities to monitor bins to protect quality of stored grain
  • Digital cable technology checks grain temperature and moisture, automatically activating fans to help prevent out-of-condition issues

Silver-Sweet QL Series Bucket Elevators

  • Convey bulk materials vertically
  • 400 to 11,925 bushel/hour capacities

TUBO Push Conveyor

  • Now with 8-inch tube for higher capacity throughput, up to 43 tons/hour
  • System transports products gently over distances from 165 to 230 feet in all directions


Marketwatch: Mar, 27

US Corn Price Idx: ZCPAUS.CM

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close: 6.469

US Soybean Price Idx: ZSPAUS.CM

open: 13.7643
high: 13.9858
low: 13.7318
close: 13.9673

US Hard Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: KEPAUS.CM

open: 8.0128
high: 8.2378
low: 7.9451
close: 8.1055

US Soft Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: ZWPAUS.CM

open: 6.4276
high: 6.4436
low: 6.1811
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