Larson Electronics LLC 7-watt magnetic LED beacon


The GAUSB-CRNM-LED-PC-M industrial grade LED beacon light from Larson Electronics is a magnetically mounted lighting solution for general work areas where permanent solutions are not feasible. This optional steady-burn or strobe beacon is constructed of corrosion and chemical resistant polycarbonate, USCG accepted and NEMA 4X complaint for hose-down areas. The seven-watt LED lamp is protected by a polycarbonate lens, adding to the corrosion resistant features offered by the fixture. Light output colors offered by this fixture includes red, amber, blue, green and white. The chemical resistant LED light beacon carries a T2D temperature rating and has a -29 degrees C to 40 degrees C (-29F to 104F) operating temp range. This LED light carries UL 1570/1571 and UL 595 compliance and is waterproof and suitable for spray down areas and marine locations. Wiring is via a 1' 16/3 SOOW cable terminated in pigtail flying leads. This LED light carries UL and CSA certification, USCG acceptance, UL 1570/1571 approval for wet locations in any orientation, UL595 approval for marine environments.

The GAUSB-CRNM-LED-PC-M is equipped with a 100-pound grip magnetic base for mounting. The LED beacon is offered in a high voltage configuration, as well as a low voltage configuration and is terminated in a one-foot pigtail with flying leads for connection to the appropriate power source.

The beacon can be used as a status indicator light on metal machinery where permanent mounting is impractical. It may also be used in manufacturing facilities and process plants to indicate that an operator may need some assistance in the field.

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