Magik Kleener 21
  • Cleans grain before going to market: Corn, Milo, Soybeans, Wheat, Barley, Rice, Sunflowers, etc.
  • Reduce costly dockages for foreign material (broken kernels, dirt and dust)
  • Reduce aeration costs and cut down on hot spots when in storage. Also reduces the amount of insect life (Insect larvae are deprived of smaller grain particles and dust that serve as their nutrients)
  • Increase available storage space in bins and trucks (up to four pounds extra grain storage area for each pound of foreign material removed)
  • Clean grain damaged from shipping and maintain quality for export
  • Reduce drying time
  • Produce a free supply of screenings that can be used as an essential component in animal feeds
  • Remove crumbs from pellets and fines from flaked products
  • Screen sands and stone
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