iQUBE2 Digital Diagnostic Junction Box

  • Specifically for the management of multiple-cell scale systems, iQUBE2® is leading a new generation of digital junction boxes
  • At the forefront of iQUBE2's cutting edge design are enhanced features that will redefine expectations for traditional analog to digital technology
  • For mission-critical applications and unmatched performance, iQUBE2 is the equipment of choice
  • Its high-speed ability to update up to 500 times/second on multichannels makes it the fastest smart junction box available
  • Unmatched reaction time brings accuracy to new levels, increasing precision and profits.
  • Enhanced onboard diagnostics will identify noise, test for linearity and zero reference, and monitor drift
  • Diagnostics are enhanced by a unique load cell emulation feature which compensates for a failing load cell until a repair can be made