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Landmark Director Recognized for Achievement

Successfully completes Advanced Governance Series

Landmark Services Cooperative Board of Director, Jon Prochnow of Cambria, Wis. was recently recognized for his success in completing the three-year Advanced Governance Series (AGS) training through FCC (Farm Credit Counseling) Services.

The Advanced Governance Series by FCC Services is an unparalleled development program designed to assist directors of agricultural cooperatives to succeed in the dynamic environment on behalf of the organization they help govern. It offers a high-caliber interaction with peers and subject matter experts, while enabling individual directors to fulfill their role with substance and significance.

Over the course of the three-year program, Prochnow joined directors from agricultural cooperatives across the country as part of an AGS Membership Group. These participants take part in five core modules, each focusing on an area essential to excellence in governance. In addition, Prochnow attended an additional graduate module.
They include:

  • Excellence in Board Leadership
    • This module focuses on leading among equals and enlightens directors to their own leadership style. They also examine board dynamics and add facilitation skills to their leadership ability.
  • Financial Direction of the Enterprise and Risk Management
    • This module focuses on today’s economic volatility and geo-political shifts that are affecting business decisions, opportunities, and outcomes differently today. Directors also review current economic practices.
  • Strategy
    • In this module, directors delve into the art and science of strategy and the complementary roles the board and management play in the strategic planning process. Directors focus on how to differentiate their organization within the market and the impact of maintaining current course or changing direction.
  • Human Capital as a Resource
    • Here directors focus on high-profile subject matters, working through a series of case studies and healthy dialogue between facilitators and directors.
  • The Gettysburg Leadership Experience
    • At this session directors examine the Battle of Gettysburg and the leadership decisions, styles, and actions displayed by military leaders before, during, and after battle. Directors learn how the many leadership styles used in the battle can be applied to modern-day organizational issues and challenges.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition into the Unknown - Journey of Discovery (graduate module)
    • Using the perilous Lewis and Clark Expedition as a historical backdrop, directors focused on what can’t yet be defined or be seen clearly. Yet as leaders, knowing what is waiting for their discovery and the courage to create opportunities, possibilities, challenges, vision, that will change the way our business is done and with whom, how life is lived and how personal success will be achieved.

Throughout this series, Prochnow had the opportunity to network with others in similar roles while furthering his education, thereby demonstrating his dedication to the cooperative and its member owners. John Blaska, Landmark board chairman explains, "The Landmark Board of Director’s decision to participate in the AGS training underscores the board’s commitment to setting the direction of our cooperative in a professional manner. This program not only provides valuable training, but also exposes our directors to strategies and management practices used by other progressive cooperatives that participate in this program."

Upon completion of this series Prochnow was recognized for his achievements at the December Landmark Services Cooperative Board of Directors meeting. John Blaska, Board Chairman, presented Prochnow with an Advanced Governance Series Certificate of Achievement.

The Landmark Services Cooperative Board of Directors was part of a leading group of cooperative board members who helped FCCS develop this series of training board governance. Members of the Landmark Services Cooperative Board of Directors take part in FCCS training throughout the year.

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