USGC Videos Highlight Programs, Impact On Global Trade

Videos highlight the importance of building and maintaining trading relationships and the work the Council does in grain markets around the world

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recently released a new batch of online videos highlighting the importance of building and maintaining trading relationships and the work the Council does in grain markets around the world.

The new videos cover the comprehensiveness of Council programs with updates from markets like Morocco, Taiwan and Mexico as explained by those carrying out those programs locally. In each, USGC staff, consultants and customers emphasize the value of having the Council serve as a bridge for information between the producers and end-users of U.S. agricultural products.

Abdellah Ait Boulahsen, USGC consultant in Morocco, discussed his efforts to be readily available to answer customers’ questions and handle issues so they can improve and expand their businesses.

“We have very close ties with the customers, with end-users,” he said. “As local representatives of the Council, we are there to provide answers to many questions.”

The videos now available also feature customers telling their stories of how trade works in their markets and how Council programs have helped them grow their imports.

Chen-Yu Lee, FoodChina Company in Taiwan, explained how USGC helps provide up-to-date information, specifically on the newest uses and formulations of U.S. distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) for end-users in Taiwan.

“A lot of times, we will go to the U.S. Grains Council with our problems or what our end-users are having issues with or need help with, and they will bring on experts in formulation or any type of information that can help us resolve our issues,” she said.

Manuel Sanchez, USGC South and Southeast Asia assistant director, discussed how this long-standing tradition of expanding trade and opportunities through transparent and consistent information exchange offers assurance to the world’s buyers and end-users that the United States is, and will continue to be, the world’s most reliable supplier of feed grains.

“Someone needs to be out there servicing customers, making sure that we stay engaged with them and keep them informed of what our crop and our harvest look like,” he said. “So when they go out and they make that purchasing decision, they can keep us in mind.”

Daniel Prieto, with Imporangri in Mexico, summarized how these efforts pay off in long-term markets like Mexico, where the Council has not only promoted U.S. feed grains and value-added products, but also helped businesses improve and expand.

“In the end, we have served our customers in a better way because we are offering good quality products at good prices,” he said, adding in a separate video, “U.S. grain gives certainty to our people.”

Watch these interviews and more in the latest videos released:

Find additional videos spotlighting the Council’s work on behalf of U.S. agriculture around the world on the USGC YouTube channel.