Video Illustrates Benefits of Digital Connections for Ag

Video explains importance of eConnecitivity and encourages companies to expand digital connections

Looking for an easy-to-understand “elevator speech” on digital connections and why they are so important to agriculture today? Here’s one new tool that can help: an entertaining 2-minute graphic video that focuses on how digital connectivity improves the way businesses operate.

The video is the first in a series that the non-profit organization AgGateway is creating to explain the importance of eConnecitivity and to encourage more companies to expand their digital connections.

“We ask people to imagine a time when supermarkets had no computer scanning and ordering systems – and how that hurt the bottom line. Then we draw a comparison to the lack of digital connections still present in some parts of agriculture today,” said AgGateway Marketing Communications Director Susan Ruland. “When companies work with AgGateway to create the standards and connections for connectivity, it helps them ditch manual systems and improve efficiency to boost the bottom line.”

The video encourages companies to prioritize the work of implementing digital standards so that the industry as a whole is more interconnected and efficient.

“Individual companies benefit from these connections, as do the farmers that are the ultimate customer of so many agricultural businesses,” Ruland says.

AgGateway is a global, non-profit organization that helps companies reduce errors and increase efficiency; achieve interoperability in hardware and software systems to turn data into value; and leverage global resources and business relationships needed to enhance productivity, traceability and sustainability.

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