Mycotoxin & Crop Report: Winter Wheat Harvest Ahead [VIDEO]

Winter wheat acres are 41% harvested, six points ahead of the five-year average

This week's headlines for Neogen's Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report for July 5: showers fall in many areas, high heat readings in the upper Midwest, and winter wheat harvest ahead of average.

Weather leads to crop stress

The USDA's June 28 bulletin reports that hot and dry weather in the southern and lower Midwest states lead to crop stress.

The middle and northern Atlantic states as well as the interior West experienced cooler than normal temperatures. While much of the plains, upper Midwest and central Gulf Coast experienced above normal temperatures.

Showers in parts of U.S.

Showers fell in parts of the Plains, Southwest, upper Midwest and the Northeast.

Wheat harvest continues

The wheat harvest continues as crop maturity advances.

Winter wheat acres are 41% harvested, six points ahead of the five-year average.

  • 30% are in good to excellent condition; 18 points below last year
  • 8% of spring wheat acres are headed; 26 points behind the five-year average
  • 59% are in good-to-excellent condition; 39 points above last year

Barley, oats, corn update

  • Barley acres are 19% headed; 12 points behind the five-year average; 53% are in good-to-excellent condition; 22 points above last year
  • Oat acres are 54% headed; 14 points below the five-year average; 58% are in good-to-excellent condition; 21 points above last year
  • Corn development is highly variable within some fields; 4% of corn acres are silking, the same as the five-year average; 67% are in good-to-excellent condition; 3 points above last year