Satellite Unattended Truck Weighing Kiosks

Satellite Unattended Weighing Kiosk

Cardinal Scaleโ€™s new USA-made Satellite series unattended weighing kiosks provide the ultimate experience in unmanned truck scale efficiency and streamlined data integration. The lockable, weather-proof enclosure features a modern design aesthetic with optional rainhood/sun deflector. Select a Satellite model with the features you need including a high-speed thermal cutbar tape printer, proximity badge reader (AWID and HID), 240 x 64 pixel blue backlit LCD or 640 x 480 pixel backlit color touch screen LCD, and with or without a rainhood. True to its name, the Satellite offers independent remote control over your weighing operations and connects the truck scale to SB500 remote displays with integrated traffic signals, existing computer networks, other digital weight indicators, and WinVRS vehicle recording software.

  • Articulating arm allows kiosk to be retracted when not in use
  • Kiosk may be pole or wall-mounted
  • 640 x 480 pixel full-color LCD touch-screen display available
  • Full QWERTY keyboard and navigation arrow keys
  • Main soft keys provide driver input prompting controls
  • High-speed thermal printer easy to refill paper rolls
  • Fast, accurate and easy to operate
  • Lockable, weather-proof, outdoor-grade enclosure
  • Rainhood/sun deflector available on some models
  • AWID and HID proximity badge readers available
  • Allows the driver to remain in the vehicle while weighing
  • Reduces risk associated with drivers walking across platforms
  • Modern product design aesthetics
  • Wi-Fi or wired ethernet connectivity available
  • USB-B connectivity standard
  • May be interfaced with WinVRS record-keeping software
  • Internal heater with thermostat
  • USA-made quality construction
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