TIP-TITEĀ® Drum Dumper

FF 1105 Drum Dumper Integral FSC Gray 20180611 1245 HI
  • Volumetric feeding of bulk material from drums into downstream processes free of dust
  • Infinitely adjustable user controls
  • Flexible screw is top-driven beyond the point at which the material exits the conveyor, preventing contact with bearings or seals
  • Conveyor transports bulk materials from sub-micron powders to large pellets, while the gentle rolling action of material prevents the separation of blends.
  • Rugged inner screw is the only moving part contacting material, resulting in reduced maintenance and increased reliability.
  • A broad range of screws with specialized geometries is available to handle free- and non-free-flowing materials
  • Accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gal (114 to 208 litres) weighing up to 750 lb (340 kg) and measuring 36 to 48 in. (915 to 1220 mm) in height
  • Optional pneumatically-actuated vibrator on the discharge cone promotes complete evacuation of non-free-flowing materials
  • Available constructed of carbon steel with durable industrial finishes, with material contact surfaces of stainless steel, or in all-stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical or industrial standards