LPRA Railroad Scale 1
  • Come with either electronic or hydraulic USA-made stainless steel load cells
  • Up to 270-ton capacity
  • Rugged steel weighbridges
  • Wi-Fi and mobile app options
  • NTEP and Measurement Canada legal-for-trade certification, and E-80 Cooper AREMA rating
  • Twenty different standard models available in different lengths and capacities
  • Custom applications and configurations readily available
  • Mounted above ground in a shallow, concrete foundation
  • Engineered to stabilize shifting ballast resulting in weight errors
  • Installation is rapid, simple, and can be handled locally
  • Weighbridge sections arrived assembled, ready to set in, and load cell assemblies are easy to install
  • Grain dump grating is also available to expedite the unloading process
  • Accuracy is in accordance with NIST, AAR, and AREMA requirements (railcars uncoupled at both ends)
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