P Remier Tech Chronos PTR 1030 Photo
  • Patent Pending
  • Open-mouth bagging system using two FANUC robots to bag any granular products into bags of 10 to 110 pounds
  • Versatile and agile solution; Adapts to different applications and deals with multiple bag materials, bag sizes, and bag closing devices
  • Uses two FANUC robots, one for empty bag handling and one for filled bag control.
  • Simplified mechanical aspect limits the number of moving parts in the machine
  • Empty bag handling robot can be upgraded with a vision system which realigns the top of the bag during the empty bag placing motion, thus ensuring the highest precision during the bag closing process
  • All parts in direct contact with the product are made of 304 stainless steel
  • The PTR-1030 can fill either gusseted or pillow type open-mouth bags, and can handle paper, PE and laminated polywoven bags
  • Production rates up to 18 bushels/minute
  • Ultra-rapid bag changeovers allow companies to reduce downtime between different recipes
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