Dual-Purpose Mobile Railcar Movers

Dual purpose mobile 650 434
  • Introducing Mitchell Rail Gear's Mobile Railcar Moving Attachment Systems for Front-End Loaders
  • Our innovative Dual-Purpose Mobile Railcar solution allows businesses to effortlessly convert their standard front-end loaders into versatile railcar movers. This transformation simplifies rail switching operations, delivers a significant return on investment, and optimizes equipment utilization.
  • At the core of this system is our retractable Friction Drive Hi-Rail Gear, seamlessly integrated into the loader's frame. This design enables the front-end loader to function both as a conventional loader and an efficient on-rail mobile railcar mover. Each system is custom-engineered to fit the specific frame characteristics of every front-loader model, ensuring top-notch performance in both roles.
  • The rail wheels feature a friction drive hub that engages with the tires, translating tire rotation into rail wheel movement. This mechanical friction drive system excels in reliability, utilizing the road axle drive line system and braking system for propulsion and braking. On the rail, an articulated frame is hydraulically locked to maintain precise alignment between the front and rear rail wheels.
  • Our system offers flexibility with options for a standard railcar coupler at the front or rear, as well as a rear-mounted weight transfer coupler. The weight transfer coupler includes a shelf-type railcar knuckle, enhancing traction by transferring a predetermined amount of weight from the railcar to the Hy-Rail wheels.
  • As part of the package, our system includes a 60 CFM train air brake system, allowing cab-controlled management of the railcar's braking system from the loader.
  • When considering the costs of maintaining a specialized mobile railcar mover alongside regular maintenance for a customer's existing front-end loader, consolidating these functions into a single machine proves economically prudent. Front-end loaders are chosen as ideal base units due to their robust engine and drive line systems. Most expenses related to railcar mover machine failures often stem from engine and drive line issues. Front-end loader manufacturers prioritize durability, reliability, and product support in their drive line systems, surpassing the capabilities of specialty mobile railcar mover manufacturers.
  • In summary, Mitchell Rail Gear's system offers a cost-effective, high-performance solution that streamlines rail switching operations, maximizes efficiency, and ensures long-term reliability, all while capitalizing on the exceptional engine and drive line systems of front-end loaders.
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