Patterson Manufacturing

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Company Overview
870 Riversea Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
United States
Toll Free:800-322-2018

Patterson Manufacturing designs and manufactures equipment for marine transportation and waterways towing operations. We offer a full range of products including winches, davit cranes, capstans, fairleads, chocks, ratchet turnbuckles, control panels, ropes, and rigging. Our in-house engineering team can help design custom barge haul systems and equipment modifications to meet the unique needs of your operations.

Backed by a tradition of safety-focused innovation, we offer numerous customization options, including special finishes like hot-dipped galvanizing; modifications for working in extreme weather conditions; and equipment specifications for weight capacity, rope type and size, speed control, tensioning, and power systems. We even offer paint-color preferences. The possibilities are endless.

For over 160 years, our reliable, thoroughly-tested products and customization capabilities have helped improve customers’ bottom lines by reducing maintenance, unplanned downtime, workers’ injury claims, and the frequency of machinery replacements.

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