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Lorain, OH 44053
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Turtle Plastic, the original modular matting company has been serving the farming, industrial, commercial flooring, and fire & rescue markets for more than 30 years. The matting comes in a wide array of vibrant colors and varying textures. There is a flooring option for most applications.

The Hoof Toof matting has been used in barns and stables across the country. Because the matting is washable, it can provide a cleaner and more sanitary environment for animals while reducing bedding material and maintenance costs.

Turtle Plastics also specializes in engineered plastic blocking. The Dura Crib line of interlocking blocking is used by the fire & rescue industry and can be used to safely stabilize tractors, farming equipment and trucks for extrication or repair. With profiles as large as 6” x 7", the blocking can safely chock large combines when used properly.

The company continues to develop new and innovative products such as the Turtle Tube Grain Rescue Sleeve. All products are environmentally responsible, safety minded, and made in the USA.

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