TotalTrait GMO Testing

Simplifies compliance with non-GMO standards and labeling requirements

Enviro Logix Total Trait
  • Accurate an comprehensive — comply with non-GMO standards and labeling requirements with trusted technology that is always up-to-date with new traits
  • Fast and simple — move more trucks and make fewer errors with tests that are as speedy as they are easy to perform
  • Available in single-trait strips and comprehensive single-protocol combs for corn and soy that offer maximum protection from overcalling risk
  • TotalTrait Comb for Soy detects four traits at once, including 2M. TotalTrait Comb for Corn accurately detects 11 traits with results in 5 minutes in bulk grain corn.     .
  • Quantitative reader results paired with online data management make compliance reporting and record keeping easy
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