Bo Mill Before After
  • Improve Food Security by removal of fusarium infested kernels or (DON) from a grain lot. Only the technology found in BoMill can penetrate a kernel and identify the “chemical fingerprint” of a fusarium infestation; a color sorter cannot do this
  • The removal of just a few percentages of kernels can upgrade a batch of contaminated wheat from being rejected for food or even feed to a PPB purity level acceptable for premium food production
  • Improve Durum Wheat Quality by sorting according to vitreousity; kernels from the same field may vary significantly in hardness units
  • Improve Food Quality by sorting wheat according to protein content; wheat kernels from the same field may vary in protein from 7% to 17%
  • Improve Food Quality by upgrading “feed” barley, purchased at a reduced price, and sort to a uniform composition according to protein content or reduced cell-wall thickness that results in improved malting efficiency
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