HD-510-MS Paddle Blender

GG 0531 IMG 4874 Gray 20180713 HI
  • Handles free- and non-free-flowing materials that are dry, moist, oily or paste-like in batches up to 200 cu ft (5.7 m3)
  • Four high-speed choppers provides added shear to break lumps and/or disperse
  • High-strength agitator with paddle blades configured for the application pushes material into the path of the choppers
  • "HD" Heavy Duty Series machine features a heavy-gauge, carbon steel U-shaped vessel of extreme rigidity
  • Allows tolerances of 1/16 to 1/8 in between the outer paddle edges and the trough wall
  • Main shaft is flange-mounted for ease of maintenance
  • Powered by a 75 hp (56 kW) motor with foot-mounted gear reducer to a chain and sprocket drive
  • Each high-speed tulip-style chopper features air purge seals for long life, and is driven by a 7.5 hp (5.6 kW) motor
  • Equipped with hinged and gasketed cover sections, and removable safety grating with safety interlocks