Explosion-proof Bag Dump Station

NEMA 7/9 explosion-proof electrical system

Gray 20171003 1310 Hi1
  • NEMA 7/9 explosion-proof electrical system
  • Contains dust emitted from manual dumping activities
  • Compacts empty bags and conveys the material to an elevated destination
  • Bags are staged on the bag tray and transferred through a plastic strip curtain into a hooded glove box and onto a grate
  • Equipped with a polycarbonate skylight
  • Dust generated from compaction an dumping activities to be drawn onto the system's two filter cartridges
  • Automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system
  • Filters are readily accessed and replaced rapidly using quick-disconnect fittings
  • Pneumatic air cylinder that compresses bags into a removable polybag-lined bin that accommodates 50 to 80 bags
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