Riley drag conveyors
  • Brock’s RILEY® Drag Conveyors are available in a variety of styles, chain configurations and sizes to suit any operation’s needs with curved, inclined and straight models
  • Capacities range up to nearly 58,000 bushels (1470 metric tons)/hour
  • RILEY Drag Conveyors feature pillow block bearings, ½” UHMW flights and Grade # 8 bolts countersunk on all conveyor liners
  • Flange connections are solid welded and flighting on the RILEY chain is welded on at a 10° angle to keep the chain from riding up on the grain
  • RILEY Conveyor flight chains are colored at the splice to aid users in quickly locating cottered connections for servicing
  • Riley flights are full length across the conveyor for better clean out
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