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Wilminton, NC 28412

Company Overview
416 Landmark Dr.
Wilminton, NC 28412

Eastern Instruments is a flow measurement solutions company that specializes in accurate flow measurement devices for both solid particles and air/gas.

SOLIDS FLOW: Featuring a variety of gravimetric devices that can both measure and control the flow of nearly any solid, Eastern Instruments' solids handling product line includes flow meters, feeders, fillers and complete systems that will meet all of your solids handling needs.

AIR FLOW: Eastern Instruments also manufactures a complete line of air flow measurement devices that includes a variety of velocity averaging pitot tubes, duct mounted devices and flow conditioners that profile the air as it is being measured. Eastern Instruments also manufactures a multivariable differential pressure transmitter that, when coupled with any differential pressure based flow element, will accurately measure the flow of air or gas within a duct.

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