Mast Productions / Pit Express

Payson, IL 62360

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8335 Dingerson Road
Payson, IL 62360
United States

Mast Productions builds the Pit Express, 10” and 13” drive-over auger units that unload hopper-bottom and dump trailers. The 14” double barrel unit offers high-capacity unloading - up to 22,000 BPH - with the convenience of a drive-over pit. Units are available in attached or stand-alone configuration, and are retro-fit for most major brands. Custom-built is our specialty.

Mast Productions also builds units that unload railcars by rotating between track and hopper car. Our newest unit is a fertilizer treater that features a poly auger flight in a 10” stainless U-trough with hinged lid for cleanout.

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