Control Concepts Inc.

Brooklyn, CT 06234

Company Overview
19 S. Main St.
Brooklyn, CT 06234
United States

For over 67 years, Control Concepts’ material flow systems have helped reduce risk by keeping materials flowing effectively and reliably through your plant. The AirSweep™ material activation systems activate bulk material up to an 8 foot diameter to produce a first-in, first-out controlled flow.

For conveyors, valves and other shaft-driven process components, DAZIC™ Zero Speed Switches reduce downtime, protect equipment and safeguard operators by providing an instant alert or relay throw if rotation stops or deviates from standard operating parameters. AcoustiClean™ sonic horns produce low frequency, high volume sound vibrations to prevent costly material build-up in hoppers, bins, silos, boilers, ESP, SCR, fans, and more. Made in the USA.

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