Meridian Mfg. Inc.

Storm Lake, IA 50588

Company Overview
2902 Expansion Blvd.
Storm Lake, IA 50588
Toll Free:1-800-437-2334

Meridian Mfg. Inc., a North American all-welded smooth wall hopper bin manufacturer, features offices and production facilities in Cambridge, Ontario; Regina, Saskatchewan; Camrose, Alberta; Lethbridge, Alberta; Winkler, Manitoba; Storm Lake, IA.

A proven leader in both storage and handling versatility, Meridian has been distinguishing itself as a leading name in the agriculture industry since 1965.

Meridian's agricultural product line has recently expanded and now includes: SmoothWall hopper bins, galvanized hopper and flat bottom bins, aeration, ArchWall on-farm buildings, grain rings, fuel tanks and trailers, bulk seed tenders, grain augers and auger movers, and conveyors. For all your storage and handling needs, there is a Meridian product built for your operation.

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