Pulse Pointâ„¢ II Series Vibratory Tuning Fork

Lpii adv imp x1 silo 11181968
  • Pulse Point II Series models sense when a material reaches or leaves a particular point
  • These point level switches use electronic vibratory technology to sense the material
  • This mechanical operation is not affected by the dielectric constant of the material being measured
  • Universal Input Power provides flexibility in location of the unit
  • Adjustable Time Delay allows the user to determine time between sensing material and the alarm state. Advanced units can permit delays when it detects the presence and absence of material or a combination
  • Sensitivity Settings can be selected to fit specific applications and material requirements
  • To avoid false readings, the Pulse Point II features Build-Up Detection to detect when material is beginning to build up on the forks
  • Move electronics up to 100 ft (30 m) away with the Remote Option
  • Available on Advanced units only, Liquid/Solid Interfacefeature can detect solids under a liquid surface
  • Standard and Advanced offering enables the user to choose the option that best suits the application
  • Frame designed to enable connection flexibility Imperial or Metric conduit entry options
  • Process Fitting can be made to fit any connection