• The SafePoint® self-validating fail-safe bin level indicator from Monitor is the state-of-the-art in rotary paddle technology. Going beyond traditional fail-safe sensor technology that only protects against power failure, the SafePoint bin monitor is the most reliable, rotary paddle point level control sensor available. Ideal as a high level indicator for silo / bin overfil protection.
  • The SafePoint bin level switch provides the ultimate in performance wherever critical continuous operation must be ensured. Detection of both material presence and its own operational status is performed on a continuous basis.
  • The SafePoint level sensor monitors its electrical and mechanical operating condition. This, in conjunction with separate outputs for material sense and unit status (fault conditions) make the SafePoint a "truly" fail-safe, self-validating device.
  • Imagine a bin level switch that is more than just an indicator of the presence or absence of material. Picture technology that allows intelligent devices to indicate when something is wrong. Dream that a level sensor provides real-time information when the quality of the sensor function no longer allows it to operate as you expect. That is a “self-validating” bin level indicator. Now you can wake up, your dream has arrived. Costly overfilling and outages due to sensor failure can now be avoided!
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