Allstate Tower Inc.

Henderson, KY 42420

Company Overview
232 Heilman Avenue
Henderson, KY 42420

Since 1919, our family has had a passion for fabricating steel. Starting with ground and elevated water tanks, then adding communication and broadcast towers to support the growth of the industry needs.

We realized the support structures for the material handling industry were second nature to us. We’ve been growing our structural steel fabrication offerings since 2005, and now produce a complete line of structural steel used throughout the material handling industry such as support towers, catwalks, and super structures.

At Allstate Tower, Inc., our experts and design-build business model provide your structural steel projects with the support and quality you can use to grow your business. From engineering and manufacturing to support systems and custom structures, we repeatedly deliver the solutions, product quality and workmanship specific to your need. Whether you are handling material, deflecting an engine blast or starting a windmill farm, we guarantee to support you to the end.

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