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Conveying Industries Inc.

Weighing & Bagging
Office: 3795 Paris St. Unit D
PO Box 390036
Denver, CO 80239 US
Phone: 303-373-2035
Toll Free: 877-600-4874
Fax: 303-373-5149
Website: http://www.conveyingindustries.com
Email: [email protected]


Conveying Industries specializes in handling bagged, bundled and baled products from many types of filling equipment for many different industries. As a potential customer, being familiar with and having confidence in a company you will be working closely with, is a very important step for the future success of your equipment.

Conveying Industries has a lot to offer in design, maintenance and safety features. Since Palletizing is our MAIN product line, we have the rare opportunity to focus and concentrate on superior features and designs. Our past association with other manufacturers of similar equipment has given us the historical knowledge for improving reliability and eliminating weaker designs.

Conveying Industries has concentrated our efforts by researching, asking and listening to the users of palletizers from many manufacturers. Our goal has been to address all the shortcomings that we hear about from the field. We have the flexibility and desire to make appropriate changes to give our customers a machine that meets and/or exceeds expectations. Quality and longevity of selected components, reduced maintenance and safety are major influences in our design.

All of us look forward to working with you and will provide as much assistance as possible to help make your decision easy and economical.


Mini-pallet Dispenser

Conveying Industries Inc.

Automatic Bag Palletizer

Conveying Industries Inc.

Robot Palletizer System

Conveying Industries Inc.

Robotic Palletizing

Conveying Industries Inc.

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open: 6.5192
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low: 6.5038
close: 6.5313

US Soybean Price Idx: ZSPAUS.CM

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