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China to Remove Some Tariffs, but Not on Soybeans

List includes varieties of animal feed such as alfalfa and fish meal

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China announced it would exempt 16 American-made products from tariffs as a sign of goodwill ahead of talks scheduled for next month, reports The Washington Post.

But the gesture, which Beijing said was designed to ease the dispute’s impact on American companies, does not offer relief from tariffs on the big-ticket agricultural products such as soybeans and corn that are causing the most hurt in the United States.

China’s Ministry of Finance said that 16 types of U.S. products would be exempt from retaliatory tariffs for a year from next Tuesday. The list included varieties of animal feed such as alfalfa and fish meal, cancer drugs gefitinib and capecitabine, base oil for lubricants and lubricating grease, and some farm chemicals.

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