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Trump Unveils Ethanol Proposal

Plan would require oil refineries to blend more ethanol into gasoline

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The Trump administration unveiled a fuel proposal Friday that would buoy corn farmers and ethanol producers, reports The Hill.

The proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would require oil refineries to blend more ethanol into gasoline, while also paving the way for year-round “E15” fuels that are blended with 15% ethanol.

The proposal from the EPA would require refineries starting next year to blend a minimum of 15 billion gallons of ethanol into fuel, one of the escalating targets laid out in current law that has never been met.

Farm groups have been putting steady pressure on the White House for months to revise the program, and Friday’s announcement largely appeased them.

“Farm Bureau is pleased the administration is returning integrity to the Renewable Fuel Standard while ensuring the policy will continue to provide economic opportunities in rural America," says American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall. "Today’s actions put us on a path toward greater ethanol use in nearly all vehicles now on the road and recognize the loss in demand caused by small refinery waivers. Today’s proposal will also encourage increased biofuel infrastructure through the federal budget process."

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