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USDA Releases 2019 Family Farm Report

Farming is still overwhelmingly comprised of family businesses

Farm field harvest

The USDA releases its America's Diverse Family Farms: 2019 Edition report.

According to the report, farming is still overwhelmingly comprised of family businesses.

Family farms as a group, across type, accounted for 98% of farms and 88% of production in 2018.

Large-scale family farms accounted for the largest share of production, at 46%.

Approximately 90% of U.S. farms are small. In 2018, small farms accounted for 48% of the land operated by farms.

Midsize and large-scale family farms dominate production of cotton (82% of production), cash grains/soybeans (74%) and hogs (66%). Small and large-scale farms together account for 69% of beef production. Small farms produce 56% of U.S. poultry and egg output and 50% of hay.

In 2018, 57% farm households received an income at or above $63,179, the median for all U.S. households.

This report provides an overview of US farms, including the latest statistics on production, financial performance, and farm household characteristics by farm size categories.

For more information, view the report here.

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