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How to Prevent Rust

Round Bottom Flite-Veyor® features stainless-steel construction

Sweet1 preventing rust

How do you combat the need to have long-lasting reliable material handling conveyors when you’re dealing with highly corrosive products such as salt, lime, and dical (dicalcium phosphate) in a feed mill?

Sweet 2 Preventing Rust
Sweet Mfg.'s Round Bottom Flite-Veyor® allows you to “set it and forget it.”

There are a handful of market options and answers, some more costly or requiring more attention than others.

K&S Millwrights, an authorized Sweet Mfg. dealer in Ohio, is on a mission to provide its local feed mills with a durable and high quality conveyor option despite challenging work conditions.

K&S has provided a solution that is both reliable and long-lasting, while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum. Aside from the typical greasing of the bearings, its Round Bottom Flite-Veyor® allows you to “set it and forget it.”

The Round Bottom Flite-Veyor® has optimal cleanout capabilities. Constructed of 3/16” thick 304 stainless steel, the RB conveyors can be configured with a stainless steel chain and nylon paddles.

The conveyors can also include gasketing material to produce fully enclosed equipment that will function for years to come without the need to replace liners or perform internal maintenance to the conveyor's body.

These conveyors are fitted with lip seals or cinch seals to provide a barrier between the inside and outside environment. By using the seals on the head and tail shafts, the product cannot escape and damage the bearings resulting in premature failure.

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