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Dec 31, 2020

Ethanol Production Down, Stocks Rise

Demand did not pick up as much as expected going into the holidays

Dec 30, 2020

Ag Markets Digest Sharp Gains

USDA currently is forecasting Brazil to cut 133M tonnes of soybeans, which would be a record

Dec 29, 2020

Markets Watch Negotiations in Argentina

Rosario port terminals have not received soybeans since strike started, causing delay in loading more than 100 cargo ships

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Dec 29, 2020

Are ‘Beans In the Teens’ Possible?

On the back of strong Chinese demand, U.S. soybean export commitments are record high

Dec 28, 2020

Russia Cuts Export Outlook

Country's wheat exports may be 36.3 MT for the 2020/21 crop year versus previous forecast at 40.8M

Dec 24, 2020

Soybeans Higher as Argentine Strikes Continue

Export sales are disappointing, but not surprising given record purchases on the books and seasonal slowdown around holidays

Dec 23, 2020

Grain, Soy Prices Higher Across Board

China's government corn sales resume

Dec 22, 2020

Ag Markets Mixed with Beans Continuing Firmer

Argentina soy strike drags on

Dec 22, 2020

What’s In the New COVID-19 Relief Package for Agriculture?

New bill offers $13B in support for agriculture to help continue recovery from COVID-19 disruptions

Dec 22, 2020

Mycotoxin Minute - How Were Mycotoxins Discovered?

Before we understood what mycotoxins were, there was the Case of the Mysterious Disease X.

Dec 21, 2020

New COVID Fears Weigh on Ag Prices

Higher prices in general are expected to bring more acreage into production next year

Dec 18, 2020

Demand, Weather Risk Add Support Going Into Weekend

Hefty export demand continues to support ag markets

Dec 17, 2020

Brazil Corn Export Projections Increase

New crop is currently expected to exceed last year but is not off to ideal start

Dec 16, 2020

Argentine Crushers Remain on Strike

Country is largest supplier of soymeal to the world export market

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Dec 15, 2020

Brazil May Import More Beans

Brazil will likely continue to be an aggressive exporter of soybeans next year

Dec 15, 2020

Mycotoxin Minute – Zearalenone in Corn in the U.S.

It’s true: there are no thresholds for zearalenone in the U.S. It’s also true that it’s dangerous anyway.

Dec 14, 2020

Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report for December 14, 2020

  • Above normal temperatures in the Northern region

Dec 14, 2020

Brazil’s Soybean Plantings Wrapping Up

Country's plantings got off to rocky start and remains dry overall

Dec 11, 2020

Wheat Firmer, Row Crops Weaker After USDA Report

Report underscored tightening global stocks situation for grains and oilseeds

Dec 10, 2020

Markets Higher Across the Board Before USDA Report

China reports little change in crop production

Dec 9, 2020

Biofuel Groups File Appeal

Coalition is challenging 2019 decision to grant refineries exemptions

Dec 9, 2020

Updated Outlook on U.S. Exports to China

Some industry insiders are worried rising tensions between two countries will hurt outstanding sales

Dec 8, 2020

Mycotoxin Minute - What Makes Aflatoxin B1 So Dangerous?

Aflatoxin B1 is one of the most harmful mycotoxins out there. What makes it that way?

Dec 8, 2020

Markets Struggle Without Confirmation of New Demand

China’s November bean imports came in at record levels for the sixth straight month

Dec 8, 2020

Mycotoxin Testing Methods

In our latest podcast, we discuss mycotoxin tests -- where they came from and where they're going

Dec 7, 2020

Protect Feed Supplement Integrity with Gentle Conveying

Tubular cable conveyors safeguard pre-blended mixes in between discs during transfer, and minimize product degradation

Cablevey Conveyors

Dec 7, 2020

Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Report for December 7, 2020

Warm and near-normal temperatures in majority of the U.S.

Dec 7, 2020

Long Liquidation Continues to Start Week

Trade looks for overall supportive numbers from USDA this week

Dec 4, 2020

Export Sales Mostly As Expected

Ag markets stall seeking confirmation of new demand

Dec 4, 2020

Mycotoxin Minute – What Is Fumonisin?

If you're someone who likes complex answers to simple questions, you just might ask, “What is fumonisin?”

Recently Added to Buyer's Guide

Ultra Scoop

  • 20,000 bushels/hour
  • 40-foot inclined conveyor

TruGro Weight Management for Pets

  • Plant-based ingredient solution for pet food, treats, and supplements
  • Standardized, polyphenol-rich botanical extracts containing compounds naturally occurring in green tea leaves

Access Platforms

  • Anti-slip access platforms to reach elevated process equipment safely
  • Modular system includes braced frames which can be bolted to floor

HP FiberBoost©

  • Contains functional fibers produced specifically for dietetic use in piglets
  • Fiber stimulates gut and eases transition at weaning

Huve Check-Feed

  • On-site screening test to detect monensin, including Monovet® 90, in feedstuffs
  • Produces accurate, reliable results without adding microtracer particles to feed for detection methods

VM-13.3 G

  • Industrial-grade 13.3-inch LCD monitor
  • Full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p/60)


Marketwatch: Dec, 03

cmdty National Corn Price Idx: ZCPAUS.CM

open: 5.6309
high: 5.6797
low: 5.6159
close: 5.6309

cmdty National Soybean Price Idx: ZSPAUS.CM

open: 11.9852
high: 12.1581
low: 11.9477
close: 12.111

cmdty National Hard Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: KEPAUS.CM

open: 8.119
high: 8.2535
low: 8.054
close: 8.2002

cmdty National Soft Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: ZWPAUS.CM

open: 7.5939
high: 7.7096
low: 7.5239
close: 7.6525