Jan 5, 2023

First agriculture-specific imaging satellite launches

EOS SAT satellite will help agricultural users adjust to climate change, reach sustainability goals.

Photo courtesy of Dragonfly Aerospace

Dec 19, 2022

Top 10 feedandgrain.com headlines in 2022

The last year was a whirlwind. Here's a review of the top news from feedandgrain.com.


Dec 2, 2022

2022 feed & grain holiday gift guide

Celebrate the season with one of these unique ideas.


Nov 28, 2022

Feed & Grain’s Top 20 Products of 2022

What new equipment and services caught your eye in 2022?

Nov 18, 2022

Rising costs on this year's Thanksgiving menu

A recent Farm Bureau survey shows the cost of turkey per pound is up 21% compared to a year ago.

Jeni Foto | BIGSTOCK

Oct 18, 2022

Grain dust suppression tools to minimize explosion hazards

NGFA highlights several tools that can be used in mitigate dust in grain processing and animal feed milling facilities

Tomislav Jakupec | PIXABAY

Oct 13, 2022

Henry Ford Thought He Could Grow a Soybean Car

A look at why soy-based products are proliferating fast in the U.S. today -- and how Ford was on the cutting edge

Photo courtesy of Goodyear Rubber & Tire Co.

Sep 27, 2022

La Niña to Impact Global Agriculture for 3rd Straight Winter

Rare occurrence weather pattern has only happened twice in the past 70 years


Sep 15, 2022

Does Your Grain Processing Facility Handle High Oleic Soybeans?

Take this quick survey and have a chance to win an Amazon.com gift card

New Africa | BIGSTOCK

Aug 29, 2022

5 Basic Rules for Hand & Power Tools

Employees should be trained in the proper use of all hand tools in their workplace

EnergePic | PEXELS

Aug 16, 2022

Rural Suicide Prevention: What You Need to Know

Suicide rates are higher in rural America than urban areas

Oleg Golovnev | BIGSTOCK

Jul 28, 2022

Tips for Safely Entering Grain Bins

Entering any grain storage unit is a process that requires planning and preparation

Photo courtesy of the National Grain and Feed Association

Jul 14, 2022

How to Plan for Grain Fires, Explosions Before They Happen

Avoid confusion and mistakes by establishing your emergency plan before a major incident occurs

vichie81 | BIGSTOCK

Jun 21, 2022

How to Keep Employees Safe from Grain Bin Entanglements

Human error or the willingness to take a chance to save time leads to most grain bin accidents


May 31, 2022

Tips to Keep Employees Cool This Summer

New OSHA program could impact your feed milling, grain processing facility

Expensive | BIGSTOCK

May 20, 2022

Iowa's Biofuels Bill Requires More Ethanol in State's Gasoline

Iowa is the first state in the nation to require most gas stations to sell fuel with at least 15% ethanol

Apr 27, 2022

3 Important Steps to Fixed Ladder Safety

Falls from ladders account for 20% of all fatal and lost work-day injuries


Apr 7, 2022

Top 8 Habits to Keep Ag Facilities Healthy

Feed, grain workplace wellness begins with employees


Mar 23, 2022

La Niña is Here to Stay Through Summer

Ag climatologist says warmer, drier weather has potential to impact yields

Mar 21, 2022

War Continues to Create Volatile Global Grain Market

Wheat production could plummet by 12 million tonnes with fuel, labor, and fertilizer shortages

Mar 11, 2022

Russia-Ukraine: What’s at Stake for the U.S. Wheat Industry?

Crisis is likely to disrupt the demand-supply dynamics of the food crops industry

Mar 11, 2022

5 Ways Farmer Customers Behave ‘Irrationally’

Dr. W. Scott Downey discusses how to develop relationships with your producers by understanding their inner motivations

Konstantin Zibert | bigstock.com

Feb 25, 2022

China Diversifies Grain Imports, U.S. Gets Smaller Piece

Numbers show China increased purchases from all countries, not just the U.S.

Feb 17, 2022

How Will La Niña Impact 2022 Agricultural Production?

La Niñas tend to create more fluctuation in rain patterns, increasing flooding in some areas, drought in others

Photo: Pixabay

Feb 9, 2022

ADM Reveals 7 Emerging Alternative Protein Trends

Company releases 2022 Alternative Protein Outlook report

Feb 3, 2022

Why the Feed Industry Should Work Toward Sustainability

All parts of the animal agriculture industry are feeling the pressure to become more sustainable

Jan 19, 2022

Mycotoxin Mitigation Plan Improves with Data Analytics

Cargill's new mycotoxin map allows it to make custom feed plans based on location

Jan 5, 2022

Cybersecurity: How to Prepare for an Attack

The time to start preparing your feed and grain facility for a data breach is now, says this panel of experts

Dec 22, 2021

Top 10 Headlines of 2021

A look at the headlines this past year that got the most attention on feedandgrain.com

Nov 29, 2021

How to Build an Innovation Strategy

Land O’Lakes Animal Nutrition business transforms its innovation efforts with an eye to the future

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