Nov 18, 2021

Flooding in Canada Causing Shipping Delays

Canada could be moving more grain to U.S. via rail rather than the port system

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Nov 17, 2021

RFA: Blending Rules Rollback Could Make Gasoline Prices Worse

Long-term attention in ag is turning from ethanol to other fuels, like biodiesel

Nov 16, 2021

U.S. Crop Progress Report as Harvest Nears Completion

Corn and bean harvest slowed some this week

Nov 15, 2021

Mexico’s 2022 Corn Imports Forecasted at 17.86M Tonnes

Mexico would like to decrease its dependence on the U.S. due to GMO prevalence

Nov 12, 2021

Brazil Clears GMO Wheat Flour from Argentina

About half of Argentina’s wheat currently goes to Brazil

Nov 11, 2021

Russia Looks to Revise Wheat Export Tax

New formula will be revised upward if prices climb substantially

Nov 10, 2021

USDA November WASDE Reports Recap

Report provided surprise for U.S. bean yield, cutting it by 0.3 bushel/acre

Nov 8, 2021

USDA Releases 10-Year Supply and Demand Projections

Report sees corn acres falling in the 2022/23 marketing year to 92.0 million acres

Nov 5, 2021

Russia Sets Fertilizer Export Quota

Quotas will impact exports of nitrogen and complex fertilizers

Nov 4, 2021

Grain Export Sales See Strong Jumps

Brazil’s soybean exports undercut U.S.

Nov 2, 2021

U.S. Crop Progress Report

Weather slowed corn and bean harvests, though corn is still ahead of average

Nov 1, 2021

Brazil Finds Unexpected Late Corn Supply

Drought caused Brazil’s 2020/21 corn crop to be cut 20%

Oct 29, 2021

Russia Cuts Forecast for 2021 Grain Crop

Dry weather hampered this year’s crop

Oct 28, 2021

Russia Considers Fertilizer Export Limits

Price of fertilizers has more than doubled with surging gas and oil prices

Oct 27, 2021

Markets Pause After Recent Gains

USDA Argentina attaché report raises 2021/22 corn forecast

Oct 26, 2021

Harvest Continues at Rapid Clip

Conditions are behind expectations but ahead of last year

Oct 22, 2021

Markets Firm After Broad Sell-Off

Strategie Grains ups E.U. corn production forecast

Oct 21, 2021

Soybean Sales Outperform

Higher bean production in Brazil; second bumper wheat crop for Australia

Oct 20, 2021

Markets Supported Overnight as Demand Remains Firm

Russia’s 2022 wheat crop to increase

Oct 19, 2021

U.S. Harvest Advances

Corn and bean harvests continue ahead of average

Oct 18, 2021

China’s New Measures Essentially Ban Fertilizer Exports

Rising energy costs, shortages across globe are contributing to high prices

Oct 15, 2021

NOPA September Soybean Crush Estimate Falls

If realized, it would be a three-month low, down from 161.491M bushels last year

Oct 14, 2021

Markets Looking for Renewed Chinese Demand

China lowers corn production forecast due to rain

Oct 13, 2021

Grain Prices Fall After Bearish WASDE

USDA October reports recap

Oct 12, 2021

Markets Under Pressure Ahead of WASDE Report

Brazil soybean planting reaches 10%

Oct 11, 2021

Cargill Reroutes Bean Shipments through Texas

Vessel was loaded with 2M bushels of soybeans from a facility that normally handles wheat and sorghum

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Oct 7, 2021

Weekly Export Sales Show Strong Rebound for Corn

Trade is revising numbers to reflect bigger yields,

Oct 5, 2021

Biden’s China Trade Plan Echoes Trump’s

President Biden has kept tariffs instituted under former president in place

Recently Added to Buyer's Guide

Bovizyme™ GA Enzyme

  • Enzyme solution that improves starch digestion efficiency for non-steam flaker feed yards
  • Improved feed efficiency through increased bodyweight gain and lower feed intake

VersaMix Triple Shaft Mixers

  • For mixing applications requiring efficient powder dispersion and critical homogenization of medium to high viscosity slurries, pastes, gels, creams and suspensions
  • High-shear mixer with solids/liquid injection manifold (SLIM) technology rotor/stator

GUC-F Controller

  • Multichannel feeding and dosing controller
  • Control solution for feeding and weighing applications in powder handling applications
  • Flexible and modular design with analog and digital load cells


  • Offers accurate and reliable continuous mass flow measurement of bulk solids with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% full scale
  • Measures mass of flowable solids with densities of 10 to 100 pounds/cubic foot and flow rates from 700 to 7,000 cubic feet/hour


  • 10.1” touchscreen
  • Easy to install in new or existing systems

Sanderson Farms Feed Mill Expansion - Kinston, NC

  • Construction of a whole grain silo expansion (76’ diameter x 145’ tall) to hold 500,000 bushels
  • Expansion also includes a 12’x17’x22’ deep boot pit extension at the end of the existing receiving tunnel


Marketwatch: Jan, 21

US Corn Price Idx: ZCPAUS.CM

open: 5.9607
high: 6.0092
low: 5.9282
close: 5.9756

US Soybean Price Idx: ZSPAUS.CM

open: 13.5213
high: 13.861
low: 13.4988
close: 13.8203

US Hard Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: KEPAUS.CM

open: 7.7694
high: 7.8347
low: 7.6744
close: 7.7644

US Soft Red Winter Wheat Price Idx: ZWPAUS.CM

open: 7.5197
high: 7.5858
low: 7.4322
close: 7.4955