Jan 13, 2023

How in-line NIR reduces feed costs, improves quality [VIDEO]

Technology holds potential to move animal feed toward 100% nutrient utilization Near-infrared (NIR) technology is evolving to help […]

Jan 5, 2023

First agriculture-specific imaging satellite launches

EOS SAT satellite will help agricultural users adjust to climate change, reach sustainability goals.

Photo courtesy of Dragonfly Aerospace

Jan 5, 2023

Real-time formulation a more efficient way to feed animals

Many savings can be seen on livestock or poultry farms that use real-time feed formulation, from ingredients to […]

Jan 5, 2023

Hottest topics, technologies in animal feed production

2023 Feed Mill of the Future Conference speakers weigh in on the pressing issues shaping the feed industry […]

Jan 5, 2023

Protein from thin air? The experts are skeptical

Single-cell proteins are a promising alternative, but aren’t carbon negative or even carbon neutral quite yet With global […]

Jan 5, 2023

Chickpeas provide sustainable alternative protein source

Genome-guided breeding drives chickpea ingredient solutions to new heights Chickpeas, a centuries-old staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, may […]

Jan 4, 2023

Feed software’s rapid response to evolving needs [VIDEO]

Formulation software is a tool feed producers can use to deal with ingredient availability issues and environmental footprint […]

Jan 4, 2023

Going beyond dust hazard analysis at your grain processing facility

There are many critical decisions involved beyond the DHA in selecting dust explosion prevention, protection and mitigation equipment.

Photo courtesy of BS&B Pressure Safety Management

Jan 2, 2023

The positive outcome of creating an interview process

Hiring strategies for agribusinesses when they need to find "the right fit.”

People Spark Consulting

Dec 29, 2022

LCA data used to reduce environmental impact of feed [Video]

ADM's Ryan Lane reveals how assessing the carbon footprint of animal nutrition products identifies areas for operational improvement.


Dec 28, 2022

New tech shapes the feed industry’s future workforce [VIDEO]

NC State’s Dr. Adam Fahrenholz discusses the type of employee best adapted to the shift Labor shortages and […]

Dec 27, 2022

Top 3 Feed & Grain Podcasts of 2022

Feed & Grain has produced 16 podcasts covering crucial issues affecting grain handlers and feed manufacturers.

Dec 22, 2022

10 most popular Feed & Grain articles of 2022

Articles on construction, tech innovations and biosecurity commanded attention on


Dec 19, 2022

Feed mill optimization supports sustainable animal ag [VIDEO]

Bühler’s Gero Zimmerman breaks down how efficiency gains reduce carbon emissions.


Dec 19, 2022

Mycotoxin & Crop Report: Storms in the South, Northwest

Continued dry conditions in large swaths of the central U.S.

Dec 19, 2022

Top 10 headlines in 2022

The last year was a whirlwind. Here's a review of the top news from


Dec 13, 2022

Feed mills benefit from alternative energy solutions [VIDEO]

Jeff Haarmann from Affordable Energy & Gas examines the energy technologies available to feed producers In 2022, U.S. […]

Dec 12, 2022

Mycotoxin & Crop Report: Dry conditions persist in central regions

Considerable precipitation occurred along both coasts.

Dec 12, 2022

Protect against animal feed recalls with right conveyor system

How to mitigate risk and prevent safety issues by using a closed conveyor system.

Photo courtesy of Cablevey Conveyors

Dec 8, 2022

How to ‘cut kilowatts’ in your feed mill [VIDEO]

Feed industry consultant Wayne Cooper examines strategies for improving the energy efficiency of pellet mills During times of […]

Dec 5, 2022

Mycotoxin & Crop Report: Predominating cold, dry weather

Colder-than-average temperatures lingered throughout most of the country.

Dec 2, 2022

2022 feed & grain holiday gift guide

Celebrate the season with one of these unique ideas.


Dec 1, 2022

10 new innovations for feed processing, operations

A collection of feed manufacturing-related products released in the past 12 months GMO Rapid Test Kits | AgraStrip […]

Dec 1, 2022

Future of feed mill innovation solves modern-day challenges

New technologies focus on automation, traceability, sensors and energy savings The latest generation of new innovations in feed […]

Nov 29, 2022

New tech to transform feed facility training, maintenance [Video]

Interstates’ Alan Raveling on the potential uses for augmented reality.


Nov 28, 2022

Feed & Grain’s Top 20 Products of 2022

What new equipment and services caught your eye in 2022?

Nov 28, 2022

Mycotoxin & Crop Report: Colder temperatures set in

Nationwide cold and dry conditions with exceptional snowfalls in the Great Lakes and Northeast regions.

Nov 21, 2022

How satellite imagery powers path to net zero [Video]

Lydia Ashburn chats with us about CarbonSpace’s platform for carbon footprint tracking.


Nov 21, 2022

Mycotoxin & Crop Report: Hurricane Nicole makes landfall

The arrival of Hurricane Nicole in the U.S. marks the first November hurricane since 1985.

Nov 18, 2022

Rising costs on this year's Thanksgiving menu

A recent Farm Bureau survey shows the cost of turkey per pound is up 21% compared to a year ago.

Jeni Foto | BIGSTOCK

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