Smooth Wall Bin System

Abel Manufacturing Company Inc.

  • All bin surfaces are smooth to provide excellent material flow characteristics
  • Bin walls are provided as factory preassembled panels that are up to 25-feet high to significantly reduce field assembly time
  • Almost the entire bin system is assembled using high strength fasteners
  • To protect against damage to the protective coatings on galvanized or aluminized steel, no welding is used to manufacture the walls
  • Welding is only used in the roof area to provide superior protection against water penetration
  • Interior wall spaces are ventilated to help prevent the buildup of dust and moisture which can cause corrosion — It also permits effective fumigation if ever required
  • A highly refined hopper to wall connection using mechanical fasteners eliminates field fitting and welding in this area — This greatly reduces assembly time and preserves the protective coatings on the steel
  • Field assembly time is also substantially reduced by the use of blind fasteners mounted into plain holes — This eliminates the requirement to have two people installing bolts and the problems associated with thread damage to threaded connections

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