SG1000D Valve Position Monitor

Electro-Sensors, Inc. November 14, 2011

All Electro-Sensors Position Monitors in the SG-Series provide accurate valve, gate, or shaft position feedback, are housed in a rugged, explosionproof NEMA 4 enclosure, and have a non-volatile memory preventing loss of position information in the case of a power failure.




1. Accurate slide gate position feedback when then the gate movement from fully closed to fully open position extends an arc of a minimum of 15º or a maximum of 359º of the SG1000D. For example, a slide gate system that is driven by a pneumatic or hydraulic ram or a rack-and pinion driven slide gate where the pinion driveshaft is not accessible.


2. The SG1000D has two calibration points, and they are calibrated as follows:


· The 4 mA point is the fully closed, 0º position.

· The 20 mA point is the fully open position. The fully-open position can be as near as 15º away from the 0º position, or as far as 359.297º away from the 0º position (i.e., one encoder count shy of one full turn away from the 0º position).


Note: If rotation is 130º or less, then use the SG1000E for higher resolution.


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