M100T/M5000T Explosion Proof Shaft Speed Switches

Electro-Sensors, Inc. November 21, 2011

The popular Electro-Sensors' M100T and M5000T Explosion Proof Speed Switches are complete rotation monitoring systems ideal for detecting unwanted slow down or stoppage of process equipment. In the event of rotational failure, such as broken drives, belt slippage, product overloads, clogs and jams, the control relay can be used to provide equipment shut down and/or alarm.

The M100T has a relay setpoint range of between 5 RPM and 100 RPM. The M5000T has a relay setpoint range of between 100 RPM and 5,000 RPM. This range is where the relay can be set to trip - both switches have the same operating range. These switches have a terminal block inside the housing for easy wiring connection and installation.

Electro-Sensors, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of machine monitoring sensors and hazard monitoring systems for the feed, grain, and milling industry. Our rugged products and trustworthy people bring safety, efficiency, and reliability to your operations. 

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