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American-Newlong, Inc.
Hamer-Fischbein LLC
Seedburo Equipment Co.
Shore Measuring Systems
Vertical Software Inc.

E955 Blending Scale

Premier Tech | Bagging Scales

  • Designed to weigh and blend two different free-flowing or semi-free-flowing products into the same bag with a split reaching up to 90 to 10%
  • Main weighing hopper fed by a gravity-vibratory feeder and an auxiliary weighing hopper fed by a vibratory feeder

Net Weigh Scale

Premier Tech | Bagging Scales

  • Complete range of feeders (gravity, gravity high speed, gravity-vibratory, belt, belt high speed, screw and vibratory feeders) is offered to work along with this scale
  • Extremely accurate weighing results in less product losses and more profit

MPS 7000 series

Plexpack Corp. | Bagging Scales

  • PLEXPACK's MPS 7000 line of industrial band sealers features improved functionality of the control package and increased capacity of the sealing section
  • The standard sealer is now more flexible and can handle a broader range of applications

Seed Calc

Magnum Systems | Bagging Scales

  • Calculates correct target weight in open mouth bags with various seed counts including the popular 120,000 or 140,000 seeds
  • Automatically sets the target weight and set points to variables entered into the scale

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