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Aokin Rapid Kinetic Mycontrol System

Emp Biotech LLC/aokin AG

aokin AG has developed a sensitive and rapid kinetic immunoassay system.  With excellent correlation to “gold standard” methods such as HPLC, the quantitative sub-ppb aokin assay can be performed in under six minutes.

Superb sensitivity and specificity delivers lower assay costs when compared to ELISA and HPLC.  Furthermore, the system can be used with very complex samples, such as foodstuffs and bodily fluids, with minimal sample clean-up prior to analysis.

The company has already launched the extensive and fully validated aokinmycontrol range of assays for rapid determination of mycotoxins (ZON, DON, AFLA, OTA, FUM, T2/HT2) in grains, corn, coffee, chocolate, milk, CGM, feed products and wine. 

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